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For us, employee safety and workplace safety come first. We constantly invest in improving safety at work andraising employee awareness.

Safety is at the forefront of the mind of all our employees. We follow legal regulations and high HEINEKEN standards, procedures and life-saving rules.



Thank you for not speeding

Croatia has been recognized as the top Heineken operating company for the “Thank you for not speeding” safety campaign in 2017 and a runner up for Behavior-based safety practice in 2018.
We are focused on constantly improving safety through behavior, training, sharing good practices and ideas, analyzing incidents and learning from near-misses.

Protectives glasses


Crystal clear

While working at the bottling lines, our employees can still see with crystal clarity since they wear their personalized dioptric protectives glasses.
When making our brewery a safe place to work, we do not neglect our employee’s safety outside the production site. Road safety is an important area due to the commerce side of our organization, our partners, distributors and customers. That is why we are strongly promoting responsible consumption and never drinking and driving.

Safe driving

Alcohol free

Safe driving

We all want to come home safely at the end of the working day.That’s why all our company car and carpool drivers participate in safe driving training.


HEINEKEN Challenge


Team spirit

Last year, as part of our plan to encourage our employees to take better care of their health by taking up sports, we introduced the Stay in Motion platform, which was created on the social media platform Workplace. We use this platform to encourage our employees to lead healthier lives by taking up sports and different types of physical activity. Depending on the formation of critical masses of employees taking part in different sports, we intend to gradually introduce different activities to support their interests.

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