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Our history
165 years ago, baron Nikola Vranyczany built a brewery in Dubovac, a historic part of Karlovac. Some 40 years later, it was bought by Aschenbrenner, a brewer who refurbished and modernized the facility. In the post-WWII period, Karlovačka pivovara was gaining its biggest growth and progress and soon became one of the leading breweries in the former country. After the independence of Croatia, it became a joint-stock company owned by its employees. The new era began with HEINEKEN taking over the ownership in 2003, and since 2014 the second largest brewer in Croatia has been known as HEINEKEN Hrvatska.
Important events


Baron Nikola Vranyczany built a new brewery dubbed Perhovo in Karlovac district Dubovac.


Brewer Aschenbrenner, later joined by his business partner Mates, acquired the existing building and set up the brewery according to modern standards.


Brewing expert Wambrechtshamer came to brewery as a technical director, and 10 years later he would become majority owner of the brewery, now called by his name.


Wambrechtshamer sold its shares to Zagreb Brewery, which made brewery in Karlovac its subsidiary up until 1948.


After the World War II, Karlovac Brewery was on its peak of success and growth and on its way of becoming one of the largest beer producers in former country.


Karlovac Brewery made radical business move by creating its proprietary carbonated soft drinks Polo and fruit juices Jolly.


In cooperation with City of Karlovac, the first edition of beer festival Dani piva was held.


After the independence of Croatia, the brewery became a joint stock company owned by its workers.


Chilean Lukšić Group bought the company.


HEINEKEN, the world’s most international brewer, became the new owner of the brewery in Karlovac.


Karlovačka pivovara changed its name to HEINEKEN Hrvatska.
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