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Croatian barley for Karlovačko

A success story of cooperation between a local brewer and family-owned farms who grow beer barley.

About the project

This is a success story of cooperation between a local brewer, the agriculture industry and family-owned farms in the process of brewing the popular beer Karlovačko using malted barley from Croatian fields. Besides local farmers who grow barley on their land, our local sourcing partners include: Slavonija slad (the leading barley malt producer), Poljoprivredno prehrambeni kompleks Nova Gradiška (the company that purchases barley) and Agricultural Institute Osijek (the research institution that adds a scientific element to barley production and processing). The project was originally launched in 2014 with the decision that exclusively local producers and farmers should supply us with domestically grown high-quality barley, one of the key ingredients of Karlovačko.
We are aware that long-term business sustainability and a potential increase in market share are closely connected to a stronger contribution to the development of the local economy. Furthermore, the sustainable sourcing of quality, locally grown raw materials is one of six focus area of our sustainability strategy Brewing a Better World. We need quality ingredients to produce high-quality beer and we believe in the potential of Croatian agriculture and carefully choose raw materials. They must comply with specifications and high standards and go through demanding quality checks. Together with water, hops and yeast, malted barley is amongst the main ingredients for beer production. We are honoured that our commitment to Croatian agriculture and successful cooperation with local farmers participated in the growth in national barley production. Since 2014, the quantity of purchased barley has increased by 66%, the area of barley fields in Croatia has increased by 16% and the number of family farms growing barley for beer rose by 6%.

100% of the barley used for our Karlovačko beer is locally grown.

We also helped to establish the Karlovačko Barley Producers Club, an association with the main goal of increasing barley yield and quality, and to further support local producers through education and sharing experiences.
Six real-life barley farmers became the project ambassadors and a part of the company’s award-winning PR campaign, while “100% Croatian barley for Karlovačko” was a recurring tagline of our various advertising and communication platforms.
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