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In the next ten years, we will raise the bar to reach carbon neutrality, maximize circularity and continue making efforts to preserve water sources. Today, climate change is one of the biggest threats to humanity and to business as well. Carbon dioxide emissions and the human-caused greenhouse gases have long been identified as the main "culprits". That is why we continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint, and we want to achieve complete carbon neutrality in the production by 2030, and in the rest of the value chain by 2040. At HEINEKEN Hrvatska we reduced CO2 emissions by more than 50% compared to 2008, primarily due to intensive use of energy from renewable sources.
As part of the global goals by 2030, we will reduce the average water consumption to 2.6 hectolitres per one hectolitre of beer, and our brewery in Croatia currently uses over 40% less water than it did ten years ago. Also, in the global strategy treatment of wastewater is planned for 2023, and we are already doing it here in Croatia, in Karlovac.

Since 2017, we have been using "green" electricity from ZelEn

We have installed 1,380 solar panels on the roof of our green warehouse.

We reduced the amount of municipal waste per product unit...

...by 46% compared to 2019 and by 96% compared to 2008.

Electric forklifts, LED lighting and the use of biogas as a by-product of water purification...

...have led to additional savings and a reduction in the carbon footprint

We constantly invest in the modernization of the production process and technological innovation...

...which significantly contributes to the increase of our energy efficiency and safety standards

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