Reducing CO₂ emissions

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We pursue to be a true friend of nature with ongoing reduction of environmental impacts and focusing as much as possible on the use of renewable energy sources. Since 2008 to 2018 we reduced CO₂ emissions by 67% thanks to continuous technological improvements. Since 2016 in our brewery in Karlovac we have used only green electricity (ZelEn) obtained exclusively from renewable sources – and this also contributed to CO₂ emissions reduction. We continue to do on that. On our new green warehouse in Karlovac, we placed 1.380 solar panels on its roof. This will reduce annual CO₂ emission by 118.5 tons. LED lighting, that we have been gradually introducing all over brewery will lead to additional reduction of energy cost and CO₂ emissions. Furthermore, modernization and upgrade of our main filling line made it eco-friendlier because it now needs less water and energy to operate. Packaging and cooling are also areas in which we made significant progress when it comes to energy and emission footprint.

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