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For HEINEKEN, responsibility also means providing consumers with choice, transparency and addressing harmful alcohol consumption. If beer is enjoyed in moderation, it can be part of a balanced lifestyle. However, if alcohol is not consumed in moderate quantities, it can cause health risks and undesirable behaviour for an individual. That's why we continue to advocate responsible and moderate consumption of our alcoholic beers and ciders, fight against underage alcohol consumption, and offer consumers innovative products with low alcohol content or zero alcohol options.
On a global level, we have committed to ensure the availability of at least two such options in most of our markets by 2023, and we have already achieved this at HEINEKEN Hrvatska – through Heineken 0.0 and Karlovačko 0.0. Furthermore, we continue to use the power and influence of our leading global brand Heineken and have committed to directing 10% of our total advertising budget to responsible consumption campaigns, reaching billions of consumers worldwide with the message that moderation is cool.

We advocate and advertise responsible and moderate consumption

We fight against underage alcohol consumption

We offer innovative products with a low alcohol content or zero alcohol options

As a producer of alcoholic beverages, we are aware of our responsibility, and as part of the Brew a Better World sustainability strategy, we actively promote responsible alcohol consumption. Our position is that minors should not consume alcohol.

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