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Young people, especially adolescents, are exposed to many challenges and decisions that affect their lives and futures both directly and indirectly. What we want to do is raise awareness of this issue and raise awareness of the fact that minors should not consume alcohol. This is why in 2013 we launched the educational project For Responsible Youth in cooperation with the Tesa Psychological Centre with the aim of helping to prevent underage alcohol consumption. The implementation of the project is supported by the Ministry of Science and Education. Our cooperation has resulted in numerous articles containing useful and practical advice for the parents of teenagers by psychologists. As an alcoholic beverage producer, we are aware of our own responsibility, so we actively promote responsible alcohol consumption as a part of our Brewing a Better World sustainability strategy. We believe that minors should not consume alcohol, so through this project, our partners from the Tesa Psychological Centre help and educate parents, who play a key role in child-rearing. The main goals of this project are to draw attention to and educate parents about the harmful consequences of underage alcohol consumption and supporting the process of setting boundaries and establishing healthy communication between parents and children. Since 2016, psychologists from the Tesa Psychological Centre have held more than 60 workshops for about 500 parents of students attending the first and second grades in five Karlovac high schools. Surveys were conducted as a part of the workshops, the results of which showed that parents found such workshops very useful and that these workshops helped them better understand the importance of quality communication with their children. Due to these good results and a lot of room for further progress, in the 2019/2020 academic year, we decided to expand the educational workshops for the parents of students attending the first grade of high school to the national level.

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